Harvard University Summer School

Women's Studies S-111

Women, Popular Culture, and the American 1950s: I Like Ike, But I Love Lucy

4 units
1-3:30 pm

Alice A Jardine

A diagnosis and analysis of this formative decade for the US babyboomer. Taught from a cultural studies perspective, the course will focus on gender politics in print, media, film, television, and rock of the early cold war era. Topics will include: the bomb and TV, the Rosenberg trial, the early civil rights movement, the beat generation, Hollywood dreams of true love, Elvis and Marilyn dreaming of immortality. We will talk about Lucille Ball, Jack Kerouac, Joe McCarthy, Marilyn Monroe, Rosa Parks, Elvis Presley, and Ethel Rosenberg among others. The goal of the course is not only to introduce an era, but to understand how the psycho-social, historical, political, and economic frameworks set up in the 1950s have shaped the past 40 years (the so-called postmodern era) and will continue to affect the coming century (the transmodern era?) as American boomers leave their mark on all major global institutions of power.

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