Teaching Portfolio                          
Tess Wise
Full list of classes taught with links to student evaluations and other materials where possible:
Spring 2017
Fall 2016
This semester I’m excited to be teaching the following classes:
Gov 1540 -- The American Presidency
Gov 99 -- Senior Thesis Writer’s Workshop
I’m excited to be TFing Gov 99 again! I had a great
Spring 2016
This Spring I will be teaching the following classes:
Gov 1359 -- The Road to the White House
DPI 101 -- Political Institutions and Public Policy: American Politics (Course Assistant)
What a
Fall 2015
This semester I am the recipient of the Harvard Center for American Politics (CAPS) research fellowship so I won’t be teaching!
Spring 2015
This semester I am teaching the following classes:
Gov 61 -- Research Practice in Quantitative Methods
Gov 1793 -- Mass Media, Public Opinion, and Foreign Policy
Gov 97 -- Sophomore tutorial in
Teaching is one of my favorite parts of graduate school. Please check out my teaching portfolio to read about the classes I’ve taught and awards I’ve won.
Or check out a video of my discussion section from Political Psychology here.