As part of the Harvard Government PhD program we are required to take a political theory class. As a complete novice on all things philosophical, I have opted to take “The History of Modern Political Philosophy” (Gov 1061) which is a broad overview of everything from “Machiavelli to Nietzsche, with attention to the rise and complex history of the idea of modernity.” It’s taught by the amazing Nancy Rosemblum. So far it’s been amazing.
One of the reasons I’ve always shied away from philosophy classes is that I am incredibly bad at reading anything written before 1990.  Sentences with more than one clause make my eyes to glaze over (this should probably be a lesson to me about my own writing). On the other hand, I love having things read to me -- even old, confusing things -- which is why I’m super excited to have discovered Librivox! It’s a public domain collection of audio books read by a community of enthusiasts. If you’re like me and you are terrible at reading and much better at listening you should check it out.
Tuesday, February 7, 2012