“We are the 1%” tumblr    
I am fascinated by Americans’ perceptions of their own wealth and how they fall within the income (or other wealth-related) distribution. The “We are the 1%” tumblr ostensibly documents “1%” people who stand with the “99%” in the context of the OSW protests. The entertaining thing is that not all that many of the self-identified “1%-ers” seem to actually be in the top 1% in terms of income or material assets.  People who think they’re in the top 1% include a kid whose dad makes “$120,000+” and a lot of people who “have health insurance.” While these so-called “1%-ers” claim that they stand with the “99%” there must be many more who, believing they are part of the very top, vote as if they were in the top 1% when their interests might be better served by different policies.
Sunday, October 16, 2011