Fashion:What's Next?

From the 2016 Levi Wedgie Jeans to the 2002 Juicy Couture tracksuits, fashion has been a revolving door of colorful pieces and ideas, implementing concepts of the past and proposals of the future to churn out showstopping desgns.

However, the most prominent change in fashion has been the way in which its products have been advertised. The internet has transformed Youtube stars into fashion promoters and online boutiques into multi-million dollar companies.

So who exactly has benefitted the most from this revolution? I would have to say that the prize goes to online boutiques, and today I am going to inform you about my two favorite online sites that have the likes of Youtube, instagram, Twitter, and other forms of social media, along with their modern day, cutting fashion lines to thank for their success.

Learn about Nasty Gal !

Learn about Fashion Nova !