Harvard University Summer School

Ukrainian S-101

Twentieth-Century Ukrainian Literature: Rethinking the Canon

4 units
1-3:30 pm

George G Grabowicz

The course surveys the major writers and works of twentieth-century Ukrainian literature with particular attention to their role as artistic and cultural turning points and their present-day re-evaluation. Background topics will include the revolution and its portrayal, intellectual "counter-revolution" (neoclassicism), the imposition of ideological controls (socialist realism), "internal emigration," dissent and collaboration, variants of "underground literature," and the problem of modernism and postmodernism. In poetry the focus will be on Tychyna, Zerov, Bazhan, Pluzhnyk, Svidzins'kyj, Antonych, emigre poets (particularly the New York Group), the generation of the 60s, and recent developments (for example, Bu-Ba-Bu); in prose-the works of Xvyl'ovyj, Pidmohyl'nyj, Johansen, Domontovych, Kosach, Kostec'kyj, Andruxovych, and others; in drama-the plays of M. Kulish. The major critical responses to these writers will also be considered.

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