(May 2004)



Conley, Tom Clark                                                 Born 12-7-43

Department of Romance Languages                    New Haven, CT

Boylston Hall                                                            85 Dunster Street

Harvard University                                                 Cambridge, MA 02138

Cambridge, MA 02138                                            tel: (617)-495-2274; fax: 496-4620

tel:  (617) 495-2546 or 496-6090                              e-mail:

Fax: (617) 496--4682                                                




B.A.                             1965    Lawrence University

M.A.                           1966    Columbia University

                                    1968    University of Paris-Sorbonne

Ph.D.                          1971    University of Wisconsin-Madison


Teaching Experience:


1971-75           Assistant Professor, Department of French and Italian, U of                                       Minnesota

1975-79           Associate Professor, Department of French and Italian, U of  MN

1978                Visiting Instructor, Romance Languages, U of MI-Ann Arbor

1978-79           Visiting Associate Professor, U of California-Berkeley

1979-95           Professor, Department of French and Italian, U of Minnesota

1981                Visiting Professor, Miami U of Ohio in Dijon (summer)

1985-87           Visiting Professor, Ph.D. Programs in French and Comparative

                                    Literature, The Graduate Center, City U of New York

1989-90           Distinguished Visiting Professor, Miami U, Oxford, Ohio

1995                Visiting Professor, Department of French and Italian

                                    University of California-Los Angeles (Winter)

1995-               Professor, Department of Romance Languages, Harvard                               University

1998                Leader, Folger Institute Seminar, Folger Library (Spring)

1998                Director, NEH summer seminar (Cambridge, MA)

2001                Professor, Institut d'études franćaises d'Avignon (summer)

                              2003-04          Visiting Professor, Ecole de Chartes (Spring semesters)

                              2003                Seminar Leader, School of Criticism & Theory, Cornell (summer)

                              2004                Professor, Institut d’études franćaises d’Avignon (summer)



Teaching Specialties:


French literature, film, comparative theory and culture; art, spatial theory, cartography and literature


Scholarly Interests:


Early modern French literature, space, and culture; cinema, contemporary theory, cartography, and culture; comparative studies (American, Spanish and Italian).


Grants and Awards:


Lawrence U, 1965:  Mace (scholarship, athletics, service); Woodrow Wilson Fellow, 1965-66; Fulbright Fellow (Paris), 1968-69; Phi Kappa Phi, U of Wisconsin, 1971; Ford Dissertation Fellow, U of Wisconsin-Madison, 1971; U of Minnesota Summer Fellow, 1972; U of Minnesota Graduate Research Grant, 1973-74; McMillan Travel Award, 1974; ACLS (American Council of Learned Societies) Study Fellowship, 1975-76 (EPHS, Paris); U of Minnesota Travel Awards, 1974 and 1975; National Endowment for the Humanities Summer Stipend, 1975; William Andrews Clark Library Fellow, summer 1975 (declined); U of Minnesota Educational Development Grant for Film Studies, 1978; U of Minnesota Graduate Research Award in Film, 1980; U of Minnesota, Small Grant, 1981; Minnesota Educational Development Grant, 1983; Center for Humanistic Studies Conference Grant, 1985; University of Minnesota Single Quarter Leaves, 1976, 1982, 1988, 1995; Graduate School Research Award, 1988; NEH Fellow, Transatlantic Encounters Seminar, Newberry Library, Summer 1988; Quincentennial Fellow, Newberry Library, 1988-89; Scholar of the College of Liberal Arts, U of Minnesota, 1988-91; NEH Summer Stipend (Columbian Quincentennial), July-August 1989; Médaille d'Honneur, Ville de Tours, July 1990; Institute for Research in the Humanities Fellowship, U of Wisconsin, 1990-91; Hermon Dunlap Smith Fellowship for Study of the History of Cartography, Newberry Library, January-June 1992; A. D. White House Fellow, Cornell University, 1998 (spring); NEH summer seminar leader on cartography and early modern French literature, 1998;  Clarke Fund Grant, 2000, 2003.  Nomination, Levinson Award for Outstanding Undergraduate Teaching, Harvard University, 1999, 2000, 2001.  Chevalier de l’Ordre des Palmes Académiques, 2001.  Walter Channing Cabot Fellow, Harvard U, 2002.  John Simon Guggenheim Fellowship, 2003-04. 




"Balzac and his Artists," B.A. Honors Thesis, 1965 (director: Richard Stowe)

"Narrative Structures of Bonaventure Des Périers's Les nouvelles récréations et joyeux devis (1558)," M.A. Essay  (Columbia U, 1966) (director: Donald Frame)

"Towards a Regional Flamboyant: Late-Gothic Architecture in Normandy,

            1480-1525," Minor Dissertation (in Art History), U of Wisconsin-Madison, 1971 (director: Frank Horlbeck)

"Creative Paradox: Narrative Structure in Minor French Fiction of the XVIth Century," Ph.D. Dissertation, U of Wisconsin-Madison, 1971 (director: Alfred Glauser)


Selected Administrative Work:


At the University of Minnesota: 


Chair, Department of French and Italian, University of Minnesota, 1983-88.  Departmental Committees:  Personnel, Educational Policy, Admissions, Speakers, Library Coordination; Acting Chair, Summer 1978; Paradigm Exchange Committee, 1981-82; Acting Director of Graduate Studies, Summer 1982.  Collegial Committees: Task Force on Center for Humanistic Studies; Humanities Colloquium Steering Board, 1983;  Berkelo Committee, 1981-82; Distinguished Teacher Committee, 1980-82; CLA Promotion and Tenure Committee, 1980-83; CLA Curriculum Committee, 1977; Internal Review of English Department, 1978; Chair, Search Committees in Film for Art History and Comparative Literature Departments, 1981; Policy and Review Committee, 1981; Committee on Teaching of Marxism, 1981; CLA Policy and Planning Committee, 1983-85; CLA Budget Committee, 1983-85; CLA Search Committee for Young Humanists, 1985-86; Search Committee for position in Spanish and Portuguese, 1985-86; CLA General Assembly, 1983-85; Faculty Senator, 1984-87.  Conferences:  Co-organizer, Minnesota Comparative Literature Conferences, 1974-77; Enclitic Film Conference, 1981; Vanguard Film and Modernism Seminar (Center for Humanistic Studies, 1985); steering committee,"Questioning Technologies Conference," Miami U (October 1990); Chair, Steering Committee for Paris Film and Criticism Program, 1984-86; Adjunct Member, Depts of English, Humanities and Comparative Literature, 1985-    ;  Founding Member, Minnesota Emblem Studies Group (1988-   );  Search Committee, Department of French & Italian, 1993-94; McKnight Fellowship Committee, 1994.  


At Harvard University: 


Admissions and search committees in French section, 1995-    , conference committee, 1995-    .  Core Instruction committee, 1998-    .  Director of graduate studies and head of the French section, 1999-2001; chair, search committees for assistant professorships in medieval and seventeenth-century literatures; search committee, Department of Visual and Environmental Studies, 1997-    ;  faculty member, Concentration in Literature, 1999-   ; director, Renaissance seminar, Harvard Humanities Center, 1999-    ; co-director (with William Granara, Cross-cultural Studies, 2000-    ;  senior common room member, Dudley House, 1997-     ;  Foreign cultures committee, Core curriculum, 1998-    ; co-master (with Verena Conley), Kirkland House, 2000-     ; member, Program in Literature, 1997-   ; Member of tenured faculty of Department of Visual and Environmental Studies, 2002-    .     







Film Hieroglyphs:  Ruptures in Classical Cinema.  Minneapolis: University of Minnesota Press, 1991.  283 pp. + 82 ill.

The Graphic Unconscious in Early Modern French Writing.  Cambridge:  Cambridge University Press, 1992. 226 pp. + 9 ill. 

L'Inconscient graphique: Essai sur la lettre et l'écriture ą la Renaissance.  Paris: Presses Universitaires de Vincennes, 2000.  245 pp. + 11 ill.  [revised translation of title above with new introduction and images]

The Self Made Map:  Cartographic Writing in Early Modern France.  Minneapolis: University of Minnesota Press, 1996. xiii + 372 pp. + 98 ill.

A Map in a Movie.  Minneapolis: University of Minnesota Press, forthcoming 2005 (under contract). 


Short Monographs:


Su realismo:  Lectura de BuĖuel, "Tierra sin pan." Valencia, Spain:  Centro de Semiótica y Teoría del Espectáculo (Documentos de trabajo, v. 6). 1988. 43 pp.

Theaters of Cruelty:  Wars of Religion, Violence, and The New World.  Chicago:  The Newberry Library (Transatlantic Encounter Slide Set 14), 1990. 34 pp. + 6 ill.

‘Les Mistons’ & Undercurrents of French New Wave Cinema.  The Norman and Jane Geske Lecture Series 8.  Lincoln, Nebraska: The Hixson-Lied College of Fine & Performing Arts, 2003.  35 pp.


Translations of  Books:


Michel de Certeau, The Writing of History.  New York: Columbia University Press, 1988; 368 pp.; with introduction (revised paperback edition 1992)  

Gilles Deleuze, The Fold:  Leibniz and the Baroque.  Minneapolis: University of Minnesota Press, 1993.  xx + 169 pp.; with introduction.

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Michel de Certeau, Culture in the Plural.  Minneapolis: University of Minnesota Press, 1997.  Introduction by Luce Giard.  With an Afterword.  xv + 180 pp.

Christian Jacob, The Sovereign Map:  A Theoretical Approach to the History of Cartography.  Chicago: University of Chicago Press, 2004. [540 pp. ms.  With an Introduction]

Marc Augé, In the Metro.  Mineapolis: University of Minnesota Press, 2002.  [125 pp., with an introduction and an afterword].

Christine de Pisan et. al., Debates about 'The Romance of the Rose'.  Chicago: University of Chicago Press, Series on 'The Other Voice in Early Modern Europe,' 2003.  200 pp. + introduction (with Virginie Greene & Elisabeth Hodges)

Louis Marin, Of the Power of Images.  Under consideration at the Johns Hopkins University Press.



Works Edited:




Rethinking Technologies (Minneapolis: U of Minnesota P, 1993) [with Miami Theory Group]

Identity Papers: Contested Nationhood in 20th century France, co-edited with Steven Ungar (Minneapolis: U of Minnesota Press, 1996).  ix + 299 pp.  With an Afterword.

The World and its Rival:  Essays in Honor of Per Nykrog (Amsterdam: Rodopi Editions, 1999).  250 pp.  [co-edited with Kathryn Karszewska and with an afterword]

Le Dialogue des arts dans les ‘Essais’ de Montaigne (Paris: Champion, 2005) [co-edited with Dominique Bertrand and Alexia Duc].


journals edited:


"The Objet USA," special issue of Sub-stance 31 (1981). 128 pp.  

Textual Analysis of Film, special issue of Enclitic 10-11 (1982), with L. Crawford. 205 pp.

"Graphics of Silence in 16th-Century French Literature," L'Esprit créateur 28.2 (1988).              

"Le nu dans la littérature franćaise" (with Michael Nerlich) Lendemains, no. 51 (1988).

"Michel de Certeau," special issue of Diacritics 22.2 (Summer 1992) with Richard Terdiman.  107 pp.


books in progress:


Topograpy and text in French Renaissance Lyric; The Films of Raoul Walsh; Space and its Discontents


Chapters in Books:


"The Sunset of Myth:  Lévi-Strauss in the Americas," Twentieth Century

            French Fiction:  Essays for Germaine Brée, ed. G. Stambolian (New Brunswick:  Rutgers University Press,1974):  322-40.

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Selected Lectures and Papers:


At the MMLA (1970-    ), MLA (1971-    ), IAPL (1974-    ), Twentieth Century French Studies Conference (1983-    ), Hofstra Malraux Symposium (1974), 19th Century French Literature Colloquium (1976), International Conference of Semiotics and Art (Ann Arbor 1978), Istituto della semiotica e psicanalisi (Milan 1978), English Institute (Cambridge 1979), SUNY-Buffalo Conference on Psychoanalysis and Film (1982), Cerisy-La Salle, "Paradigme de la peinture: Albert Ayme" (1982),  Irvine Conference on Art and Literature (1982), 20th Century French Literature Symposium (1982-   ), Santa Barbara Film Colloquium (1982), U of Iowa Comparative Literature and Film Studies Departments (1983), 16th Century Society (1983), Symposium Internacional del Espectaculo (Valencia 1983-86), Renaissance and New Criticism Conference (Chicago 1984), NEMLA (1984), U of California-San Diego History Conference on Michel de Certeau (1988), Miami U (1989), New York U Robbe-Grillet Symposium (1989), SUNY Binghamton Conference on Autobiography (1989), Southwest 17th Century Studies Association (Miami 1991), Kentucky Foreign Language Conference (1976, 1991-94), U of California-Los Angeles Conference on Psychoanalysis and Film Symposium (1993), U of Paris-VIII/Sorbonne conference, "La pensée de l'image" (1993), Barnard/Columbia Conference on Alternative Writings in Early Modern France (1994), American Anthropological Association Meeting, seminar on Michel de Certeau (1994), Center for Literary and Cultural Studies (Harvard U), 1995-   .


Invited Lectures:


Case-Western Reserve U (1974), U of Paris-VIII (1976), Miami U (1976, 1989), U of California-Berkeley (1984), Centro Ortega y Gasset (Madrid 1985), Yale U (1985), New York U Maison franćaise (1985), City U of New York (1985-86),  Johns Hopkins U Medical School (1986), U of Minnesota Dept. of History (1988),  Kansas City Museum of Art (1988), Centre d'études supérieures de la Renaissance (Tours 1990), U of Wisconsin (1989-1992), Minnesota Conference on Emblem Studies (1989), U of Michigan-Ann Arbor (1989), University of Virginia (1991),  Centre National de Recherche Scientitique (Paris 1991), U of Georgia (1992), Newberry Library (1992), Cornell U (1992), Notre Dame U (1992), Washington U (1992), University of Chicago (1992), Newberry Library (1992), Boston U (1992), Brown U (1992), Harvard  U (1992), U of California-Los Angeles, French Dept. (1993), U of Valencia (1993), U of Paris-VII:  séminaire du doctorat organisé par GisŹle Mathieu-Castellani (1994), U of Paris-VIII:  Disciplines de sens, séminaire organisé par Henri Meschonnic (1994), Northwestern U (1994), UCLA Medieval/Renaissance Studies Center (1995), U of Kent at Canterbury (1995), UCLA (1995), USC (1995), UCSB (1995), UCSC (1995), USD (1995), Cornell U (1998): British Map Society: Warburg Institute, London (1998); Penser l'image, U of Paris-VIII (1998); University College, London (1999); City and Sublime Conference, U of Cork, Ireland (2000);  Germaine Brée Memorial Lecture, U of Wisconsin (2000); U of Montréal (2000); Maps and Popular Culture, U of Texas-Arlington (2000); Utopias, The Graduate Center, CUNY (2000); U of Toronto, History of the Book Seminar (2000); Maares Art Center, Maastricht (2001); U of Paris-IV (2001), U of Paris-VIII (2001); Washington University (2001);  Vanderbilt U (2003); Norman Geske Memorial Lecture, U of Nebraska (2003); Ecole des Chartes, Paris (2003); U of Washington (2003); Wolfenbüttel (2003); U of Kansas (2004); Istituto italiano di geografia, Florence (2004); U of Barcelona (2005). 


Professional Activities:


Editorial Advisor, Glyph Textual Studies (1980-84), New York Literary Forum             (1978-82), Spirali (1979-80), Lendemains (1984-     ), Contracampo (1984-            86), Eutopías (1985-88), Enclitic (1978-82), Montaigne Studies (1989-   ),             "Reading Plus" Series (New York:  Peter Lang, 1984-    ); Hispanic Issues             (1988-    ); Diacritics (1998-      ); Journal of Visual Culture (2000-    ). 

Corresponding Editor, Littérature (Paris-VIII/Larousse, 1988-    ).

Film columnist, The Psychoanalytic Review (1993-96).

Editorial Board, Publications in Medieval Studies, U of Minnesota P (1993-2004).

Reader for university presses:  Cambridge, Wisconsin, Ohio State, Minnesota, California, Johns Hopkins, Georgia, Massachusetts, Stanford, Michigan, Chicago, Yale, SUNY-Albany, Polity, Virginia, Harvard, etc.

Reader for National Endowment for the Humanities; Reader for PMLA, etc. Executive Committee, MMLA, 1977-80

Chair, "Modern Literature" section, MMLA, 1983, 1993;  Chair, "French II,"             MMLA, 1985;  Various seminars at MLA, 1971-   .

Panelist and Reviewer, NEH Summer Stipends; evaluator, NEH proposals,             Newberry Library; evaluator, NEH Collaborative Research Grants.

Executive Committee, MLA Division on 16th-Century French Literature (1993-1998).  Delegate Assembly, 1998-2000; Scaglione Prize Committee (chair 1998), 1997-99.  MLA Committee for 1st Book Prize (2005-07)

External Review Evaluator: Department of Romance and Germanic Studies, Wayne State University (1984), Department of French, Rutgers University (1988), Department of French and Italian, University of Iowa (1993), Department of French and Italian, Northwestern University (1997), Department of Comparative Literature, University of Colorado-Boulder, 1999.

Co-organizer, “Montaigne in Print,” 1995 Newberry Library Symposium (with             Philippe Desan, Tilde Sankovich, Ullrich Langer); co-organizer, “Le dialogue des arts dans les Essais de Montaigne (2003)



Courses Taught:


At the University of Minnesota, Minneapolis (1971-1995):

Beginning French, Conversation and Composition, Explication de textes, La Civilisation franćaise, Topics in 16th Century French Literature, the Contemporary Scene in France, Modern French Theater, the Cinema of Neorealism, New Wave Cinema, Montaigne, Rabelais, French Poetry Before Ronsard, Pléiade et Baroque, Le Conte et la nouvelle--XVIe-XVIIe siŹcles, Seminar on Lévi-Strauss, Seminar on Christian Metz, Seminar on Image and Text,  Seminar on Writing and Cinema, Aspects of French and Italian Civilization, Modern French Literature in Translation, Art et littérature, Baroque and Renaissance Esthetics, Theory and Practice of Film, Auteur Theory: Raoul Walsh, Bibliography and Methodology, Film noir seminar; History of Spanish Cinema (with Jenaro Talens); Allegory, Memory and Classical Film seminar; Early Modern Literature, Space, and Cartography; Handball 1068 (Dept. of Kinesiology); Historiography and Literature: Michel de Certeau; Map and Literature in early modern France.


At the University of Michigan-Ann Arbor (Fall 1978):


Approches de la littérature (la nouvelle franćaise, 1500-1572). 


At the University of California, Berkeley (1978-79):

L'Objet USA (American Art in Contemporary French Criticism); art et littérature; introduction au seiziŹme siŹcle (1480-1530), introduction ą la poésie moderne. 


At Miami Univerity, Dijon (Summer 1981): 

Aspects de la civilisation franco-bourgignonne. 


At The Graduate Center, CUNY (Spring 1985-87): 

Seminar on la litterature flamboyante; seminar on "The Letter of Literature" (1985); Criticism and Modernism:  Benjamin, Sartre, Blanchot (1986); about film noir (1987). 


At Miami University, (1989-92): 

Seminar on early modern literature and space: Rabelais, Thevet, Boiastuau; Seminar on fifteenth century literature and architecture; introduction au texte de la Renaissance; cartographie et cosmographie.


At UCLA, (1995):

Espace et carte dans la littérature du seiziŹme siŹcle; Seminar on event and space in cultural theory.


At Harvard University (1995-    )

Poésie et espace littéraire, Mapping Modernity (with Doris Sommer), Cartographie et littérature, Rabelais et la littérature humaniste, Montaigne, Cinéma et culture franćaise, Introduction ą la littérature franćaise (1100-1789), La théorie d'auteur;  Le cinéma classique; Nouvelles vagues; Introduction ą la littérature franćaise, 1100-1750;  espace et roman du XVIe siŹcle; Cinéma et civilisation franćaise (Core curriculum);  poésie et architecture ą la Renaissance;  


At the Society for the Humanties, Cornell University (1998)

Trauma and Conquest:  Mapping and Early Modern Literature.


At the Folger Institute (1998)

Early Modern Literature and Cartography



Doctoral Dissertations Directed:


Michel Valentin, "Baroque et cinéma" (1980, co-directed with Armand Renaud).

Lawrence Crawford, "On the Semiotics of Filmic Analysis" (1982).

Elisabeth Caron, "Montaigne et le problŹme de la conscience," (1984).

Patrick O'Brien, "Dramatic Space in L'Illusion comique and Le Cid" (1985).

Robert Burgoyne, "Bertolucci and 1900" (1985) (at New York University, with Annette Michaelson and Robert Sklar).

Nancy Rodman, "Painterly Fabrications: The Art of Baudelaire's Salons" (1987).

Nadia Saleh, "Le poŹme en prose en France depuis 1945:  essai d'analyse structurale" (1988).

Louis Kaplan, "The Signature-Effect: A Biography of Laszlo Moholy-Nagy," co-directed with Harry Harotoonian, Department of History, University of Chicago (1988).

Janet Solberg, "Beyond Folklore:  Metacommentary in the 16th Century Nouvelle" (1988).

Eva Daddesio, "Plasticité graphique et métamorphose dans l'écriture de Maurice Blanchot:  une lecture de Thomas l'obscur" (1988). 

James Long, "Collage Strategies:  Apollinaire, Tzara, Ernst, Péret" (1989, co-directed with Judith Preckshot).

Obioma Nnaemeka, "Anamorphosis and Dominance in AgrippaD'Aubigné's Hécatombe ą Diane" (1989, co-directed with Armand Renaud).

Hwawon Han, "Le théČtre de Racine et la crise de la représentation" (1990)

Martine Sauret, "Délires du corps de Gargantua" (1991)

Florianne Wild, "Formes fatales:  Jean Renoir and film noir" (1991)

Soraya Mékerta, "Politique et écriture dans le roman du Maghreb" (1994)

Martial Frindéthié, "Problématique du griot et de la 'négritude'" (1995)

Roberta Poletes, "Deleuze and a Feminist Minoritarian Literature" (1995)

Kristine Butler, "Hearing Voices: Audition and Artistic Identity in French Text and Film" (1998)


At Harvard University:


Ricardo Padrón,  “Voyages on a Hippogriff:  Cartography and Empire in Golden Age Epic” (1997, co-directed with Mary Gaylord)

Andrea Flores, "Deterritorialization and the Maghrebi Novel, 1968-83" (1998)

Jennifer Lecourt, "The Policing of Leisure in French Poetic Realism" (2003)

Margaret Flinn, on cartography, literature, and Franco-German boundaries in the era of the TroisiŹme République (in progress)

Elisabeth Hodges, on the emergence of city-spaces in cartography and literature from Rabelais to Corrozet and Belleforest (defended 2002)

Timothy Tomazik, “Texts for Collation:  Cookbook and Literature in 16th century France”(defended 2003)

Rosemary Peters, “Au voleur!  Theft and Thieves in the French Novel of the 19th century (defended 2002)

Margaret Flinn, “Architectures of Social Being: Monuments in 1930s French Cinema (defended 2005)

Philip Usher, “The Holy Lands in Early Modern Literature:  Negotiations of Christian Geography and Textual Space” (defended May 2004)

Adriana Chimu, on theatricality and representation in Nerval (in progress)

John Walsh, “The Child in Contemporary Francophone Fiction” (defended 2005)


Reader for Doctoral Dissertations (at Minnesota):


B. Duren, on Proust (French, 1978)

L. Adelman, on Late Gothic Architecture (Art History, 1972)

R. La George, on the theme of Microcosm (English, 1975)

D. Hildner, on Golden Age Literature (Spanish, 1980)

R. Johnson, on Quvedo and Satire (Spanish, 1980)

F. Diaz, on Marxism and Literary Theory (Spanish, 1981)

S. Drake, on Semiotics and Comparative Literature (Comparative Literature), 1982

T. Lopez-Pumarejo, on starategies of the soap-opera in third-world medias (at The  University of Valencia, 1986 and Minnesota, 1987)

K. Murphy-Judy , "Le Roman de Flamenca" (French), 1986

F. Denis, "Raoul de Cambrai" (French, 1986)

S. Kusisto, "The Poetics of the Spanish Baroque" (Spanish, 1986)

G. Podesta, "Contemporary Political Theatre in Chile" (Spanish, 1987)

K. Duplaa, "Modern Catalan Literature and fin de siŹcle poetics" (Spanish, 1987)

A. Gronhovd, "Proust et la subversion de l'écriture" (French, 1987)

K. Contag, "The Burlesque: Mockery in Golden Age Literature" (Spanish, 1989)

H. Melehy, "Montaigne, Descartes, and Subjectivity" (Comparative Literature, 1989)

Han Ping Chu, "The Modern Historical Novel" (English, 1991)

M. Caesario,"Aestherics of Religious Discourse in Colonial Latin America" (Spanish, 1991)

E. Silverman, "Tourist Art and Social Structure in Riverain Culture on the Sepic River" (Anthropology, 1992)

O. Pereira, "El theatrum mundi en EspaĖa, 1560-1660" (Spanish, 1992)

B. White, "Ethnography and Photography: A Case for Minnesota History" (Anthropology, 1993)

A. Duggan, "The Woman's Voice, Mlle de Scudéry, and Madame d'Aulnoy" (French, 1998)

Marc Penka, "The American Hieroglyphic, Cartography, and Hawthorne" (English, 1998)


At Harvard University:


Ricardo Padrón, on Cartography and Spanish Golden Epic (Spanish, 1997)

Juliette Dickstein, on Post-War Franco-Jewish Writers and the Holocaust (French, 1997)

Nick Nesbitt, on Aimé Césaire, Caribbean French, and Musical Writing (French, 1997)

Jay Bland, on Deleuze and the 20th Century Afro-American Canon (Afro-American and English, 1996)

Paulette Smith, on Exoticism and the Construction of the French Colony (French, 1998)

Eric Goodheart, on the Pelletier Affair and the enfant trouvé after 1789 (French and History, 1997)

Seth Graebner, on the City and Magrebi writing (French, 2000)

Maxime Blanchard, on Malraux and Canadian Identitarian Movements (French, 2002)

Natasha Lee, on nature in post-Enlightenment discourse (defended 2003)

Mahalia Gayle, on civility and contemporary literature (French, in progress)

Graham Larkin, Les ‘oeuvres’ de Jacques Callot (Art History, defended 2003)

Simone Pinet, on Amadis, the island-book, and CervantŹs (Spanish, defended 2002)

Ji-Won Shin, on space and marginality in literature of late Chosôn Korea (Korean studies, defended 2003)

Patrick Bray, on novel selves: Stendhal, Nerval, and Proust (2005)


For other insitutions:


Murdoch University,  La Trobe University, University of Tasmania, University of Montréal, University of Québec at Montréal, Columbia University, University of Queensland, etc. 



Master's Dissertations Directed:


At the University of Minnesota:


Lisa Neal, on Ronsard, defended 1982.

Nancy Erickson, on Clément Marot, defended 1982.

Geroge McClintock, on Proust and Montaigne, defended 1986.

Julie Conrad, on Marguerite Duras, defended 1987.

Didier Maleuvre, on Ronsard, defended 1989.

Hassan Melehy, on Montaigne, defended 1990

Wayne Hayes, on Gide and Camus, defended 1991


At Miami University:


Katherine Holderbaum, on Blanchot, de Certeau & M. Stipe (1990).

Susan Fobell, on Clément Marot (1990).

Alain Gabon, on the cinema of David Cronenberg (1992)

Michelle Donah, on Louise Labé (1992)

Andrea Doane, on seriality in Rabelais (1993)

Bernd Renner, on spoonerism and wordplay in Rabelais (1993)


Undergraduate Honors Dissertations Directed:


At Minnesota:


R. Burgoyne, on Rossellini (1975)

B. Becker, on Lévi-Strauss (1975)

N. Davies, on the Rose Window in Art and Literature (1976)

L. Ruthchick, on Sartre and Architecture (1977)

B. Mauer, on Maurice Legendre and BuĖuel (1991)

T. Odde, on cinema of Blasetti (1993)


At Harvard:


C. Driscoll, on Renoir and the entre-deux-guerres (1996)

K. Mui, on events in Deleuze &  particle-physics (1998)

A. Schmitz, on Dante & Hugo (1999)

S. Kaye, on Robbe-Grillet and Latin American film (2000)

D. Horne, on anti-colonialism and the 1930 Paris exposition (2000)

J. Seppala, on Bandello, Boaistuau & Rosset (2001)

M. Lee, on Space and cinema of Wong-Kar-Wai (2003)

J. Lawler, on Childhood and Cinema (including a film) (2005)


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