Harvard Andean Archaeology & Art History Working Group

Past Speakers

Spring 2011

[Feb 8] Martín Oyata Department of Romance Languages, University of Vermont
“The Invention of Andean Culture: José María Arguedas’s Poetics of Sensibility”

[Feb 25] Eulogio Guzmán Tufts University / School of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston
“Negotiating the Visualization of Authority in Mexica Stone Sculpture”

[Mar 4] Rodolfo Cerrón-Palomino Pontificia Universidad Católica del Perú
“The Languages of the Incas: Puquina, Aimara, and Quechua”

[Apr 22] Peter Kaulicke Pontifícia Universidad Católica del Perú
“Formative Cosmovisions: Representation, Transformation and Centrality”

[Apr 29] Patrick Ryan Williams Field Museum
“Ritual Practice at Cerro Baúl: A Tale of Three Cities”

[May 13] Adam Stack Department of Anthropology, Harvard University
“Archaeological Approaches to the Peruvian Hacienda”

[May 20] Ana Pulido Rull Department of History of Art and Architecture, Harvard University
“Land grant painted maps: Native artists, defense of territory, and the power of visual persuasion in colonial New Spain”

Fall 2010

[Sep 24] Lisa Trever Department of History of Art & Architecture, Harvard University
Recent research at Pañamarca, Nepeña Valley, Peru

[Oct 1] Catherine Allen George Washington University
“Talking in Circles: Compositional Strategies in Andean Narrative”

[Oct 22] Michele Koons Department of Anthropology, Harvard University
“Moche sociopolitical dynamics and the role of Licapa II, a mid-sized center in the Chicama Valley, Peru”

[Nov 1] Christian Mesia Museo Nacional de Arqueología, Antropología e Historia del Perú
“Intrasite spatial organization at Chavín de Huántar during the Andean Formative”

[Nov 12] David Chicoine Louisiana State University
“Death & Religion in the Southern Moche Periphery: Grave Contexts from Huambacho, Nepeña”

[Dec 3] Parker VanValkenburgh Department of Anthropology, Harvard University
“Towards an Archaeology of Resettlement in the Zaña and Chamán Valleys, Peru: 16th and 17th centuries C.E.”

Spring 2010

[Feb 19] Gary Urton Department of Anthropology, Harvard University
“Bringing the Dead Back to Life: Reflections on the Chinchorro Mummies from the Perspective of Selk’nam Myths and Rituals”

[Mar 26] March 26: Marco Curatola-Petrocchi Pontificia Universidad Católica del Perú

[Apr 9] David Guss Tufts University
“Korokoromadi: Reconstructing Gender and the World Among the Yekuana”

[Apr 23] Charles Walker Department of History, University of California, Davis
Research on the Tupac Amaru uprising

Fall 2009

[Sept 25] Lisa Trever Department of History of Art & Architecture, Harvard University
“The Uncanny Tomb Illustrations in Martínez Compañón’s Trujillo del Perú”

[Oct 2] Juliet Wiersema University of Maryland
“Moche Architectural Vessels: Small Structures that Provide Big Clues about the Role of Architecture in Moche Religion”

[Nov 20] Laurence Cuelenaere University of California, Berkeley
“Words Spoken with Insistence: the Agency of Wak’as on the Bolivian Altiplano”

[Dec 18] Calogero Santoro Universidad de Tarapacá de Arica “Interregional Interaction in the Atacama Desert, Northern Chile During the Inka Period”

Spring 2009

[Feb 13] Nenita Elphick Harvard University
“Santa Rosa de Lima: The Living Portrait of God”

[Mar 13] John Ochsendorf MIT
“Engineering in the Andes Mountains: History and Technology of Inca Suspension Bridges”

[Mar 19] Paul Heggarty McDonald Institute for Archaeological Research, University of Cambridge
“Archaeology, Language and Genes: The Andes as a Case Study Towards a Coherent Human Prehistory”

[May 1] Luis Felipe Villacorta Pontificia Universidad Católica del Perú
“The Archaeology of San Juan de Pariachi, Rimac Valley, Peru”

[May 7/8] Edward Swenson University of Toronto
“Contested Memories: The Politics of Space and Religion in Jequetepeque, Peru”
“‘Stagecraft’ and the Ritual Construction of Authority in Ancient Peru”

Fall 2008

[Oct 24] Thomas B.F. Cummins Department of History of Art & Architecture, Harvard University
The making of the Murúa manuscript

[Dec 12] Antti Korpisaari University of Helsinki
Archaeological research from Tiwanaku-period Bolivia