Harvard University Summer School

Social Sciences S-100

Introduction to Graduate Study in Social Sciences

Limited Enrollment Course
4 units
3:30-6 pm

Section 1: Jonathan Rosenberg -- M, W 6-8:30 pm
Section 2: Mitzi S White -- M, W 3:30-6 pm

This proseminar teaches students how to design experiments and field studies. Topics include literature searches and evaluations, the design of experimental and quasi-experimental studies, questionnaire and survey construction, behavioral-event interviewing, the use of community-based research strategies and other field methods, the use of human subjects, and problems associated with the conduct of research involving groups. The final project will involve designing a research project. Topics may be drawn from the fields of psychopathology, personality, organizational behavior, intergroup relations, and cultural diversity.

Instructor's Toolkit
URL: http://www.courses.fas.harvard.edu/~sscis100/

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