Simon Lock

Simon J. Lock

Graduate Student

Principal Advisor: Sarah T. Stewart

Department of Earth and Planetary Sciences

Harvard University

(currently visiting UC Davis)



My research interests lie at the boundary between the fields of planetary science and geophysics. In particular, I am interested in the formation, structure and evolution of terrestrial and giant planets. More...

What's New?

A new astrophysical structure

We have discovered a completely new type of astrophysical object that we have named synestias. These are fascinating objects that have the potential to revolutionize our understanding of how planets form and evolve. Intrigued? Learn more...

UC Davis podcast

UC Davis press release

AGU press release

Journal article

ArXiv pre-print

Origin of the Moon

Published in Nature: the Moon's present day inclination can be explained if the giant impact that formed the Moon left the Earth rotating on its side.

Explanation of the model and links to news stories

The paper

University of California, Davis

My advisor, Sarah Stewart, has moved to UC Davis. As a result I will be spending time in the Earth and Planetary Sciences Department, UC Davis as a visiting student.


Contact Information


slock {at} fas {dot} harvard {dot} edu


(617) 520-4813 (Google Voice)

(617) 495-0498 (Harvard)


Department of Earth and Planetary Sciences
20 Oxford Street
MA 02138


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