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Based in Århus, Denmark, and the nearby island of Samsø, this 8-week Harvard Summer School program, in cooperation with Aarhus University and Moesgaard Museum, offers a comprehensive, hands-on exploration of the Viking Age and its legacy throughout the Middle Ages.

Specialists from Harvard and Aarhus universities lead students through the great legacy literature of the Viking Age—its skaldic poetry, runic inscriptions, eddas, and sagas—and teach the critical approaches necessary to understand this most famous medieval literary corpus during the weeks we spend in Denmark's second largest city, the 2017 European Capital of Culture. From Århus, we will also explore the key sites which gave rise to the early Scandinavian kingdom of Denmark.

The 2018 field school will again take place on the island of Samsø, southeast of Århus, ca. 10 miles off the coast of Jutland, where students will participate in excavating a Viking Age site and learn a variety of techniques archaeologists use in excavating and analyzing materials, providing students with hands-on experience with Viking Age material culture and archaeological research methods. The island of Samsø is famous in medieval literature, mythology, and history...and among modern European tourists.

With lectures and workshops by teams of specialists, an archaeological field school, and curated excursions throughout the Viking World, this program, begun in 2006, is designed to provide participants with an in-depth examination and experience of one of the most momentous periods in Western history.

4 June - 31 July, 2018

Harvard University Summer School

(open to students from all schools)