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Plamen V Nikolov
Harvard University

Contact Information
email: pnikolov [at] post.harvard.edu
tel: (202)368-9668

Funded by The National Science Foundation's Economics Program, I received my doctorate from Harvard in 2013. My thesis "Essays in Applied Microeconomics of Development" uses original data collected through three separate field experiments, all of which were conducted in developing countries in Africa and Asia. The dissertation contributes to applied microeconomics by focusing on empirical questions at the intersection of development, public and behavioral economics. Before coming to Harvard, I obtained a masters in International Economics and Arabic/Middle East Studies from Johns Hopkins University (SAIS) and a bachelors in Mathematics and Economics.

My research combines psychology and economics, using both lab and field experiments to test insights from behavioral economics in the context of development and international affairs projects in Africa, Middle East, and Central Asia. I have field experience in Central Asia, Africa and Middle East. In particular, I have spent considerable time for projects in Afghanistan, Kyrgyzstan, Tanzania, Kenya and Egypt.

Research Interests:
Development economics
Labor economics
Behavioral & Health Economics