Peter Huybers

Peter Huybers cv
Professor of Earth and Planetary Sciences
and Environmental Science and Engineering
Harvard University
20 Oxford St., Cambridge MA 02138
phone (617)495-4811
fax (617)384-7396


Recent Papers

  • Carleton, Cornetet, Huybers, Meng, and Proctor, Global evidence for ultraviolet radiation decreasing COVID-19 growth rates, Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, 2021. link.
  • Amdur, Stine, and Huybes, Global surface temperature response to 11-year solar cycle forcing consistent with general circulation model results, Journal of Climate, in press.
  • Chenguang, Chan, Huybers, and Pillai Late 19th-Century navigational uncertainties and their influence on sea surface temperature estimates, Annals of Applied Statistics, in press. eartharxiv.
  • Kogan, Clemente, Liautaud et al. An Early Warning Approach to Monitor COVID-19 Activity with Multiple Digital Traces in Near Real-Time, Science Advances, in press. arxiv.
  • Chan and Huybers, Systematic differences in bucket sea surface temperatures caused by misclassification of engine room intake measurements , Journal of Climate, 2020. pdf, link.
  • Chan, Cobb, Zeppetello, Battisti, and Huybers, Summertime temperature variability increases with local warming in mid-latitude regions , Geophysical Research Letters, 2020. link.
  • Rigden, Mueller, Holbrook, Pillai, and Huybers , Combined influence of soil moisture and atmospheric evaporative demand is important for accurately predicting US maize yields, Nature Food, 2020. link.
  • Rigden, Ongoma, and Huybers, Kenyan tea is made with heat and water: how will climate change influence its yield?, Envrionmental Reseeach Letters, 2020. link.
  • Liautaud, Hodell, and Huybers, Detection of significant climatic precession variability in early Pleistocene glacial cycles , Earth and Planetary Science Letters, 2020. link.
  • Boulahanis, Carbotte, Huybers, Nedimovic, Aghaei, Canales, and Langmuir Do sea level variations influence mid-ocean ridge magma supply? A test using crustal thickness and bathymetry data from the East Pacific Rise , Earth and Planetary Science Letters, 2020. link.
  • Middleton, Mukhopadhyay, Costa, Pavia, Winckler, McManus, D'Almeida, Langmuir, and Huybers The spatial footprint of hydrothermal scavenging on 230ThXS-derived mass accumulation rates , Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta, 2020. link.

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