Peter Huybers

Peter Huybers cv
Professor of Earth and Planetary Sciences
and Environmental Science and Engineering
Harvard University
20 Oxford St., Cambridge MA 02138
phone (617)495-4811
fax (617)384-7396


Recent Papers

  • Chan and Huybers, Systematic differences in bucket sea surface temperature measurements amongst nations identified using a linear-mixed-effect method, Journal of Climate, 2019. pdf
  • Gebbie and Huybers, The Little Ice Age and 20th century deep Pacific cooling, Science, 2019. link
  • Hay, Creveling, Hagen, Maloof, and Huybers A library of early Cambrian chemostratigraphic correlations from a reproducible algorithm, Geology, 2019. link, pdf
  • Lin and Huybers, If rain falls in India and no one reports it, are historical trends in monsoon extremes biased?, Geophysical Research Letters, 2019. link, pdf
  • Piecuch, Huybers, Hay, Kemp, Little, Mitrovica, Ponte, and Tingley Origin of spatial variation in United States East Coast sea level trends during 1900-2017, Nature, 2018. link
  • Butler, Mueller, and Huybers, Peculiarly pleasant weather for US maize , Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, 2018. link, pdf

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