Badminton is an Olympic racquet sport. In this sport, there are five events: women's and men's singles, women's and men's doubles, and mixed doubles. Players play with a racquet, which they use to hit a shuttlecock over a net. To get some more background information on badminton, you can visit the Wikipedia page here.

Below is a picture of Olympic champions
Zhao Yunlei and Zhang Nan playing at the 2012 Olympic Games in London.

Olympic champions Zhao Yunlei and Zhang Nan playing at 						London 2012
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Here is a
video of this team playing in the finals of the 2012 Olympics.

As you can see, badminton is a very fast-paced game, and not simply a fun but laid-back game you play in your backyard!

Another thing to note is that badminton is not the same thing as tennis. They are conceptually similar sports, and are of course both racquet sports, but they are such different games. People often belittle badminton, saying that tennis is much more of a sport than badminton, but
these statistics certainly show otherwise.