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Jambo! Click on the link below to read and see more about my time in Kenya with the youth of the Nandi tribe.

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Pictures from Africa

 Matt in Kenya

Bonjoge Dispatches

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My name is Matt Stevens, but due to a slight condition of chubbiness as an elementary school student, many of my friends call me fatty or fat stuff. Since 5th grade I have shed the extra pounds, but have not suceeded in shedding the name....I grew up in Fort Collins, CO, and moved to Hawaii when I was ten. In Hawaii, I went to Hawaii Baptist Academy for Junior High and High School, and Faith Baptist Church in Kailua. I'm now a junior at Harvard University, studying US History and running XC and track for the school.  I'd like to dedicate this sight to my Harvard Law School co-worker Troy Brown , who  has taught me everything I have ever known about scanning/editing photographs and making web pages. Enjoy the links and the ever-expanding photo gallery below!!!!

Photo Gallery


Snow Storm: 1/25/00!!

Family Album
Pac Five Cross Country and Track
Photos of various Waimano "Death Marches" with the fellas
Skydiving with my buddy Jon Lim
Na Pali Coast--The best trail I've ever been on
Harvard Cross Country and Track
Random Harvard Pics
HBA life
Maui Backpacking
Da Moks
Summer of '98
Olo Mana Prayer Hike
Summer of '99
Haleakala: Round 2 with the Dads
21st Birthday Party and Campout
Harvard-Yale Game '99
The Motivation Station--A Must See

Good Links

Fantastic Photo Tour of the Island

 News from the Islands


News about the World


Servants to Asia's Urban Poor:
A mission organization that I considered going to the Phlippines with.

African Inland Mission:
The Organization I will be going to Kenya with..

Track and Field News:
For all you runners I know out there.

All American Trail Running Association:
If you like running and the mountains, this is your place (i.e.: if your last name is Senelly)

"Come Let Us Reason Together..."
Considerations on some important questions.
Runner's World:
If your looking at this page, you know your a runner, for better or worse!