Harvard University,  FAS
Spring 1998

Mathematics 261r

Complex Abelian Varieties

Olivier Debarre (Université Louis Pasteur)

Catalog Number: 7739
Half course (spring term).
Tu., Th., 1–2:30.
EXAM GROUP: 15, 16

The aim: to take the classical theory of complex tori and complex abelian varieties as an excuse to go through more modern aspects of algebraic geometry, such as sheaves, Chern classes, de Rham cohomology, moduli spaces, etc. Will begin with elliptic curves and move on to the higher-dimensional case; the aim is to characterize those complex tori which are abelian varieties, i.e. which can be holomorphically embedded in a projective space.

Prerequisite: A knowledge of differential varieties, differential forms, elementary analytical function theory, but almost no algebraic geometry.

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