Database I, Assignment #7

Graphic Presentation Assignment 6

Spreadsheet III

Spreadsheets1 Question 4

3f) Anchor for Company Name

2a) Laura's Humbling Homework

2b) You can mail to me at, but I would prefer

Ficticous Company Information
3a)         Dowey, Cheetham, and Howe, Inc.

3b) Comprised of 4 employees:

3c)  Marketing Tag: We charge you more for less!

3d, 3e) Our rates run from expensive to priceless.

3f) see above at top of page

3g) see directly below

3h) Dewy, Cheetham and Howe has decided not to work on the following three projects:
  1. The environment
  2. Education
  3. International Peace Process
4a)  go to the new.html page




6) Link to Newsgroup Text File

7) TA cover sheet