About me

I studied Mathematics and Statistics at the University of California, Davis and graduated with a Bachelor's of Science degree in 2009. During my senior year I worked as a Reasearch Assistant under Prof. Danh Nguyen in methods for variable selection for high dimensional genetics data. Shortly after graduating I began working for Prof. Nguyen as a Junior Specialist in Research in the Department of Public Health Sciences, Division of Biostatistics. We worked on collaborative research in many topics including Fragile-X syndrome, Premutation, Fragile X-associated Tremor/Ataxia Syndrome (FXTAS), Epilepsy, Medicine, Genetics and Genomics. We also worked on independent methodology research in clustering, variable selection and high dimensional/small sample methods. I also managed a relational database for the NeuroTheraputics Research Institute (NTRI). I completed my Masters Degree in Statistics in May 2012.


  • - M.A., Statistics, University of California, Berkeley [2010 - 2012]
  • - B.S., Statistics, University of California, Davis [2005 - 2009]
  • - B.S., Mathematics, University of California, Davis [2005 - 2009]


  • - U.C. Davis Dean's Honor List (2007, 2008, 2009)
  • - 2009 Outstanding Senior in Statistics: The Cal Aggie Alumni Association of UC Davis