Lin L. Liu

Ph.D Candidate
Department of Biostatistics at Harvard University
Department of Biostatistics and Computational Biology at Dana Farber Cancer Institute
Ph.D Candidate

mailing address:
phone: (617) 276-5742  
email: linliu AT fas DOT harvard DOT edu


brief bio.   I received a M.S from Harvard School of Public Health in 2013, working on Biostatistics and mathematical modeling of cancer with Franziska Michor. Before coming to Harvard, I am an undergraduate student from Tongji University, Shanghai, majored in blends of biology and computer science.


  recent talks
  • DNA replication timing and higher-order nuclear organization determines the mutation landscape in cancer genomes. Harvard University (Physical-Sciences and Oncology Center), Sep 23, 2012, Boston, MA.

  • Liu, L., Li, F., Pao, W., & Michor, F. (2013).   Evolutionary Dynamics of Cancer against Targeted Cancer Therapy with Time-Dependent Resistant Mutation Rate.   (pdf)

  publications (by chronological order)
  1. Jia, P., Jin, H., Catherine, B., Xia, J., Ohashi, K., Liu, L., Pirazzoli, V., Dahlman, K.B., Politi, K., Michor, F., Zhao, Z., & Pao, W. (2013).   Next-generation sequencing of paired tyrosine kinase inhibitor-sensitive and -resistant EGFR mutant lung cancer cell lines identifies spectrum of DNA changes associated with drug resistance.   Genome Research,   (In Press.) (Cover story of the September 2013 issue.)

  2. Liu, L., De, S., & Michor, F. (2013).  DNA replication timing and higher-order nuclear organization determine single-nucleotide substitution patterns in cancer genomes.   Nature Communications 4 (2013): 1502. 

  3. Liu, L., Zhang, Y., Feng, J., Zheng, N., Yin, J., & Zhang, Y. (2012).   GeSICA: Genome segmentation from intra-chromosomal associations.   BMC Genomics 13.1 (2012): 164. 

  4. Liu, Q., Zhou, H., Liu, L., Chen, X., Zhu, R., & Cao, Z. (2011).   Multi-target QSAR modelling in the analysis and design of HIV-HCV co-inhibitors: an in-silico study.   BMC Bioinformatics 12.1 (2011): 294.