Harvard University,  FAS
Spring 1998

Linguistics 270

Topics in Russian Syntax from a Crosslinguistic Perspective

Maria A. Babyonyshev

Catalog Number: 3201
Half course (spring term).
Tu., 11–1.
EXAM GROUP: 13, 14

The course will deal with a variety of topics in Russian syntax: explaining the “non-standard word orders” of Russian (e.g., locative inversion, object shift, and verb-first constructions) as an interaction of discourse factors, argument structure factors, and conditions on the well-formedness of movement operations, the influence of lexical semantics and argument structure constraints on possible syntactic structures of Russian sentences, the role of aspect in the lexical-syntactic interface, and other topics. Cross-linguistic comparisons with other languages (specifically, Japanese and Germanic languages) will play an important role in the course.

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URL: http://www.courses.fas.harvard.edu/~ling270

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