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(Mantua, February 24, 1607)
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Index to Resources for Monteverdi's L'Orfeo

Introductory Material

Some Basic Terms and Concepts
Synopsis of the Opera
Instruments in Monteverdi's orchestra
Selected Images
Complete Images in the ImageBase


Analytical Material

Outline of Music and Events
Guided Playthrough (beginning in the last verse of "Vi Ricorda")
Act 2 with streaming audio and English translation (as performed in class)
Score Analysis: Understanding Notation (beginning in the last verse of "Vi Ricorda")
Analysis of "Possente Spirto"
Streaming audio (Rogers/Medlam version) is here via the CML and here via this website.
A complete listening guide (in PDF format) that complements the CML streaming audio.


Further Material

Translations of Greek Orpheus Texts
Some Study Questions Focusing on Act II