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(Dublin, April 13, 1742)
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Interactive Score Analysis

Chorus Chorus Chorus Chorus Chorus Chorus Measures 104-105 Measures 101-103 Measures 101-103 Measures 90-92 Measures 90-92

To hear particular measures from "O Thou That Tellest Good Tidings to Zion," click inside the colored boxes on the scores below. A separate window will pop up, play the music, and occasionally offer descriptive notes and/or links to the on-line glossary of musical terms.

Do you notice anything particular about the color of the boxes and the music in each one? (See below for answer.)

Note that the score without annotations and one music clip in full are available on the Playthrough page.

(We are currently aware of missing sound files for measures 11-12, 61-62, and 82-83; we hope to have them fixed in the near future.)


Measures 21-22 Measures 19-20 Measures 17-18 Measures 17-18 Measures 15-16 Measures 13-14 Measures 11-12 Measures 9-10 Measures 9-10 Measures 5-8 Measures 5-8 Measures 3-4 Measures 1-2 Recitative

Measures 53-54 Measures 51-52 Measures 50-51 Measures 49-50 Measures 48-49 Measures 43-47 Measures 41-42 Measures 41-42 Measures 39-41 Measures 36-39 Measures 33-34 Measures 26-27 Measures 23-24


Measures 82-83 Measures 78-79 Measures 78-79 Measures 76-77 Measures 74-75 Measures 72-73 Measures 72-73 Measures 70-71 Measures 67-69 Measures 63-66 Measures 63-66 Measures 61-62 Measures 54-57 Measures 53-54

Do you notice anything particular about the color of the boxes and the music in each one? The boxes of the same color have the same or very closely related musical material (so the music in each of the blue boxes is all related to each other); sometimes, connections are a little obscure, so those notes have been highlighted.