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Index of Class Business

A Few Important Notes -- about pop-ups, plug-ins and the Glossary for this website

Dictionaries -- Oxford music reference dictionaries (login through Hollis with PIN)

Email Bag -- all course-wide emails and many section-specific emails are archived here

Feedback -- report problems, mistakes or bad links, or make suggestions about this website

Glossary -- online music glossary, with multimedia examples, designed for this class (see also the Oxford dictionaries, above)

ImageBase -- hundreds of slides that Professor Kelly shows in lecture, all with brief descriptions

Midterm and Final Exams -- dates, review sheets and review sessions

Papers -- both assignments and related tutorials

Sectioning -- lists of students assigned to sections

Section Websites -- links to individual TF's section websites

Staff List -- list of TFs and their photos and email addresses

Suggested CDs -- recommended recordings

Syllabus -- FAS .doc version or FAS .pdf version and DCE .doc version or DCE .pdf version

Tutorials -- links to web-based tutorials and information on optional introductory section meetings