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Important Notes on Using this Website

Different browsers and different platforms will interact in different ways with this website. Here are some common issues and explanations/resolutions.


Streaming Audio

Most of the audio on this site is provided in streaming format, which means you should be using RealPlayer (FAS Computing Services provides the software here). The streaming audio is stored on a secure, Helix server, and while some other programs will work, RealPlayer is specfically designed for it.


The Glossary

Throughout this website, technical music terms are linked to an on-line Glossary. To avoid an overwhelming number of links to the Glossary, usually only the first occurence of a term on each page or within each sub-section of the page (depending on length and complexity of the page) will be highlighted with a link. Note that a term may be defined on the page as well as linked to the Glossary; often the Glossary provides extra information or musical examples. (Note also the section on Pop-Ups below is relevant to using the Glossary.)

Please be aware that there are a number of broken links in the Glossary website; it is currently being updated, and we will notify the class when it is complete.



The action of pop-ups depends on your browser and operating system. Usually, when clicking on a link internal to this site, the same browser window will be utilized. However, when clicking on a link external to this website, including the Glossary and the Writing About Music sites, a new browser window will open. It is important to be aware of this feature, since the same new window is usually used for each successive Glossary entry. For example, if you click this link to the Glossary entry for opera, a new window will open (and you may be prompted for the course login/password again); if you switch back to reading this window and then click on this term, oratorio, then you may not notice that this new Glossary term ("oratorio") has loaded in the same window that had previously displayed "opera." Furthermore, in some cases you may need to manually switch between browser windows to read the new Glossary entry.



When you first attempt to browse any of the multimedia files on this website, you should be automatically prompted to download either Macromedia Shockwave or Apple Quicktime. Make sure your browser is up to date with these plug-ins. We are aware that some FASCS lab computers do not have these plug-ins and that you cannot manually update them; we are working on the situation. In the mean time, we suggest that you view/listen to these files on a private computer.



When using your private computer and when you elect to have your password saved, you should only be prompted once for the course login and password when accessing the LAB51 site. The Glossary and Writing About Music sites use the same login/password, so you will also be prompted to enter the same login/password when you first visit them.

Occasionally, the Harvard servers may be experiencing some problems that result in repeated requests for the login/password -- we apologize, but there is nothing we can do about it.



Please report any problems, mistakes or bad links, or make suggestions about this website by using this page.