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An Important Message

December 9, 2006

Dear Students in LAB-51,

This message contains important information regarding
1) the premiere of Dmitri Tymoczko's "Four Dreams" (in lecture on December 18),
2) your final paper based on that premiere (see the syllabus for the complete assignment; deadline is January 5, 4pm), and
3) the final exam (on January 18, at 2:15).


1) As stated on the course syllabus, your attendance in lecture on December 18 is *required*. There will be *no* recording available (personal recording devices are strictly prohibited). In order to check attendance, that morning you will be required to submit a piece of paper with your name on it to your TF. If you follow these directions, you will receive one (1) bonus point on your final exam for turning in a specific piece of paper:

- after you complete the online CUE evaluation for LAB-51, you will see a "form submitted" page;
- print that page (therefore, you *must* have printing capability when you do the evaluation -- check in advance!);
- cut off any timestamp (some browsers/computers print them, others don't);
- write your name, legibly, on the page; and
- submit that to your TF between 10:00 and 10:07am on December 18.
After Professor Kelly starts lecture, submissions will not be accepted, so be sure that you are on time. *IF YOU DO NOT SUBMIT ANY PIECE OF PAPER BETWEEN 10:00 AND 10:07AM, YOU WILL BE PRESUMED ABSENT AND WILL FAIL THE COURSE.*

If you forget to do the CUE, you can still submit any piece of paper (scraps are fine) with your name on it between 10:00 and 10:07am, but you will *not* get a bonus point.

To summarize: Do the on-line CUE, print the form-submitted page, write your name on it, submit it on 12/18 at 10:00-07am, and you will be considered present and get one (1) bonus point on the final exam. OR: Just submit any piece of paper with your name on it on 12/18 at 10:00-07am in order to be considered present.

2) Your final paper is based on the December 18 premiere. The teaching staff strongly encourage you to begin your writing in advance of the premiere and then draft the entire paper immediately after it, while the music and experience are still fresh in your mind. You may submit your paper anytime before Friday, January 5 at 4pm, directly to your TF's box or by email (your TF will be in touch with you regarding the specifics). Again: we encourage you to finish your paper immediately after the premiere; you might want to put it aside during the holiday break, revisit it briefly upon returning, and then submit it.

3) Regarding the final exam: The preparation sheet and schedule of review sessions are now posted on the course website. The Registrar has scheduled the exam for 2:15pm on Thursday, January 18. The Registrar will confirm that date and time, and provide the location, during the first week of January. The exam is designed to last three hours.

Don't hesitate to let me know if you have any questions or concerns.

Aaron Allen
Head TF