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Kelli's Cupcakes

Fresh, delicious cupcakes and baked goods!* (#3f)


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The perfect treat for any occasion! (#3e)

For a list of flavors go to the new.html web page. (#4a)

Home-made taste in just 3 simple steps (#3e):

  1. Phone or email in your order!.
  2. Pick them up!
  3. Enjoy! (#3h)

You can mail to me at (#2b)


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More about newsgroups and Usenet!(#6)

One of my favorite sites is CNN.

* Cupcakes contain no artificial additives or perservatives. Special orders can be made to accommodate allergies and diet preferences. Although most cupcakes do not contain nuts, Kelli's Cupcakes are manufactured in a plant that uses nut products. (#3d).