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WELCOME ALL to my Family Home Page! Well! Now it is time to put the Christmas lights back up again! I have been so darned busy that I have not updated this page since last Spring! What a lame ass I am, but work and kids and blah blah blah! So I hope you enjoy the updates, this past summer and fall have been wonderful for photo ops.
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A Bunch of Great Fun Links
Here is the latest Neveu Family Information
Follow this link to go to the Log-In page for All Neveu Family Video and Still pictures. Send me an e-mail if you do not know the password. If I consider you worthy, I will give it to you. Any REAL Neveu family members will already know it....
My favorite Kids Links as well a a few fun games. See the newest SNOWBALL fight game here. Great fun! Can you get past level three?

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