Hi Everybody! It's me, Emma!


17 March 02

There will be a major update here soon, but I thought you would at least to like to see a movie of chicks hatching. This was taken in my classroom on Wednesday, March 13. Click HERE to watch it. Be patient -- it's a big movie (over six minutes long) so it might take a while to download.


3 May 01


Sorry there hasn't been anything new here for quite a while. I can't begin to tell you about all the stuff going on in my life. I love school and my friends in my class, I've gotten a lot better at piano playing, swimming, and ballet. I can read really well now. I read to Mom and Dad now at storytime instead of them reading to me. I went sledding a lot last winter and built some big snowforts in the back yard. (We had LOTS of snow.) Soccer has started up again and I scored a goal in my first game. I went to Florida on vacation in April and had a great time. I swam a lot and I made a lot of friends. I went to a Guide Dog place there and played with puppies and walked a grown-up Labrador retriever named "Howard!" (A total coincidence!) I got a new bigger bike last weekend, and I've been riding it at Robbins Farm. I can start and stop now, and go pretty fast! I've been playing a lot of baseball with Dad, and have been learning the rules. We also watch the teams play at Robbins Farm. I learned how to play frisbee. And that's just the stuff I can think of!

Click right HERE to go to a photo gallery of my life the last few months!

That's all for now! Bye!


From Oct 00

Well, a lot has been going on with me lately! I turned 6 in September and had three birthday parties, started kindergarten, made a lot of new friends, joined a soccer team, lost some teeth, and started reading on my own! I was reading to my Mom and Dad one night and all of a sudden I realized I really was reading all by myelf. I said, without thinking,"Oh my god... I can read." I really didn't mean to be funny but Mom and Dad laughed a long time. They're really proud of me, though (even though I said, "Oh my god," which they don't like).

That's all for now! Check in again soon!



22 Nov 00

Click HERE to visit my school's website. Dad made it for the school.

4 Nov 00

Today was an important day for two reasons:

1) It was the last day of soccer. I will really miss it, especially coach Gary and Joanne. Here is a team picture of The Dragons.

2) I'll let you be surprised by the other thing! Click HERE, and again HERE.



Here are pictures of me and my soccer team, The Dragons, from 28 Oct 00:



Click HERE for a Happy Halloween movie!

Soccer was this morning. This afternoon I went to a gymnastics party!

Oh, I almost forgot: Dad brought home a whole bunch of fresh Blue Crabs a couple of nights ago and we had a great time cracking them open with pliers and eating them! They're yummy! Mom was totally grossed out. I wrote about it in my kindergarten journal.

Here are some pictures of me from 21 Oct 00:

Going to the Park

Feet Up

Hanging Around

Getting Mentally Tough for Soccer

Go Dragons!


The Bolivians and Me


Up a tree

Birthday Gymnastics Party 1

Birthday Gymnastics Party 2

Get ready, set...

I'm Flying!

Here are some other pictures of me, from September:

Monkey Bars

New Smile

Scooter 1

Scooter 2

Scooter 3

My September birthday party in Queensbury was so much fun! I got to see all my relatives at once! Here are some pictures from it, and even a picture of me playing miniature golf for the first time! (I got a hole-in-one, by the way.)



Water Show

Miniature Golf

On my real birthday we went out to dinner at Maria's Italian restaurant in Lexington Center. They didn't have cake there so they had to improvise with the candle (see this picture). Everybody in the WHOLE restaurant sang Happy Birthday to me! I was so embarrassed!

Also, my gymnastics birthday party was really really great! I got to fly like Peter Pan! It's the best party I ever had!! We'll put some pictures here from that party when we get them developed. You won't believe some of them!

15 Sept 00

Kindergarten: This was an exciting week because it was my first week of kindergarten at Brackett School, in Mrs. Gove's class. Mom and Dad bring me in the morning. I walk unless it's raining. Sometimes we walk with some of the other kids on the way to school. I love gym and I get to buy my own lunch if I want to. The first time I bought my lunch I forgot to get my milk and I was real thirsty. On the days I bring my lunch from home I usually find a note inside from my Mom or my Dad. I also have a pink backpack, which is real cool. There's a picture inside of Mom and Dad if I ever want to look at it. One day I was so tired in the library that I just wanted to go to sleep. We have rest time in our room. We have to put our heads down on the desks. After school I usually get to play on the playground. So far my best friends are Sami, Meagan, Shannon, and Analise. I sit at my own desk and two boys sit next to me. One of them got moved. My cubbie is number 10. Mrs. Gove plays the ukelele (I never even knew about ukeleles before) and also piano. She says the piano is older than her. She also likes golf. She taught us "Poor Old Michael Finnegan" and played ukelele. That's a funny song that goes faster and faster. When the wind blows the whiskers on his chin go back in again.

Here are some pictures:

Orientation 1

Me and Mrs. Gove

First Day of School 5

Orientation 2

First Day of School 1

First Day of School 6

Orientation 3

First Day of School 2

End of First Day

Orientation 4

First Day of School 3


Me and Shannon

First Day of School 4

Soccer. Analise and I are on the same soccer team in the Arlington Soccer League. We are the only two kids from Bracket School on our team, and her Dad is the coach. My team is called the Dragons. It's really fun! I have a complete soccer outfit but still need to get some cleats. I told Mom and Dad today that I want to be a professional soccer player when I grow up.

Dad removed the pictures from our Mother's Day party at George's Restaurant this year, under threat of lawsuit.

To see other old pictures click HERE.