Welcome to the Kitty Kove!

I'm Jessica Xu, a current Harvard Freshman, and this is my very first webpage! Unfortunately, all of this html is hand written, and I've just barely had help in getting python to work in this place... Yay python! (I can now open files and do math and all sorts of python-y stuff.) I also got the CSS stylesheet to work. Yaaayyyy! This technology is oooollllldd.

Anyways, plans: I can get a very rudimentary templating scheme to work, so I'll probably use that to generate the html of my subsequent webpages. If I can, I will continue by trying to implement some of the most basic django templating tools, starting with something that scans file input for the {% INSERT BLOCKTEXT %} tag, and insert the blocktext based on something I pass in. I'm also hopefully working on an actual website using python/django (was it obvious?:P) For now, enjoy some of my code and essays!

Pages on this website:

(a really bad knockoff of the popular game Threes that I coded in JavaScript)

(A part-of-speech tagger using the Markov model/ viterbi algorithm combined with Wikipedia webscraping)

(A hacky rendition of the old game Snake, coded in JS)

Github source code for projects

Link to experimental Python page
Play Fibs! (a really bad knockoff of the popular game Threes that I made