Justin Song


I’m an applied physics Ph.D candidate (Harvard) doing my doctoral work as a theorist with Leonid Levitov in MIT (Update: I just graduated, and am now at Caltech, for contact information, see below). I obtained my undergraduate degree from Imperial College London, where I worked with Dimitri Vvedensky.

My scientific interests are rather varied though, of late, I spend most of my time thinking about 2 dimensional atomically thin (and flat) layers known as Dirac materials such as Graphene, Dichalcogenides (MoS2, WSe2, ..), and the family of Topological Insulators. Much of my research revolves around various aspects of energy, charge, and spin transport. In particular, hot carriers in Graphene has been a recurring theme.

I am fascinated by the predictive power mathematical modelling and its ability to provide a toolset of concepts and design ideas that guide experimentalists/engineers. This interest has led to a number of fruitful collaborations.

Music plays a huge role in my life. I’m an avid chorister and currently sing with the Park Street Chamber Choir, and the MIT Gilbert & Sullivan Players.

new email:

jcwsong [at] caltech.edu