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Welcome to the Modern Hebrew Studies Program at Harvard!

The program is offered through the Department of Near Eastern Languages and Civilizations (NELC). It is an integral part of Jewish studies programs and modern Middle Eastern studies at Harvard.

Thanks to the courses offered by the program, undergraduate and graduate students can achieve proficiency in Modern Hebrew (comprehension, reading, writing, and speaking). There are two basic levels of language instruction: Modern Hebrew for Beginners and Intermediate Modern Hebrew, and two levels of advanced Modern Hebrew instruction: Advanced Modern Hebrew and Seminars (surveys of Israeli culture, and Hebrew for academic reading). In our courses students are exposed to Israeli poetry, short stories, novels, various media (newspaper, television, movies), and popular Israeli music.

The program for Modern Hebrew closely cooperates with the Center for Jewish Studies (CJS) at Harvard, with the Harvard Divinity School, and with the Center for Middle Eastern Studies and other Harvard departments and programs.

Important components in our program include public readings, lectures, movies screenings, and other activities involving writers, artists and movie makers.

The Modern Hebrew program is intellectually rich, varied, vibrant and lively.


Irit Aharony, Senior Preceptor in Modern Hebrew

Anna Grinfeld, Preceptor in Modern Hebrew


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