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Final Exam Study Questions


Class Handouts

Lecture 12
Lecture 13
Lecture 14
Lecture 15
Lecture 16
Lecture 17

Lecture 18
Lecture 19

Lecture 20
Lecture 21
Lecture 22

Lecture 23


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Mid-term Study Questions

First Essay Assignment

Class Handouts

Lecture 1: Early Japan
Lecture 2: Shinto
Lecture 3: Introduction of Buddhism: Horyu-ji
Lecture 4: Buddhism in the Heijo Capital
Lecture 5: Heian-kyo (Kyoto)
Lecture 6: Byodo-in

Lecture 7: Court Culture and Painting
Lecture 8: Narrative Scrolls
Lecture 9: Art and Architecture of Zen Buddhism
Lecture 10: Muromachi Period Gardens

Lecture 11: Katsura