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Flor De Cafe 

(Great American Coffee)

Latin America has some of the worlds best Coffee from Mexico to Brazil, there are many great types of coffee. Flor de Cafe only buys coffee from small farmers that use organic techniches is the cultivation, growing and harvesting of the coffee bean. We process and send you a variety of coffees from this farmer direct to your table. The following countries coffee we offer in our sample pack:

We offer three samplers:
  1. Central American.
  2. South American
  3. American

    By spending time to buy only the best coffee from small farmers using environmental responsi ble and friendly farming techniques we are offering you great coffee that is good for you.

One of our local Baseball Players loves our stuff as much as we love his.

Boston Red Sox Clay B.

I borrowed the image from the sports page at http:boston.com

You can mail to me at guyton@fas.harvard.edu

One of my favorite sites is Harvard Extension School.

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