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*making a hybrid cd

Thunderbird how-to video

Hardware repair

Instructional videos on hardware repair for macs (memory & hd installation)


running a sdat by command line:
• set sdat in it's own folder in C • in command line , navigate to folder • sdat****.exe /e • scan /sub/del/program C:\windows\system32 (or c:\windows or c:\)


To rebuild a mac, log in as admin • open the terminal • type "touch TRIGGER_RADMIND" • restart the machine

When you can't log in, check:

Directory Access • netinfo checked • configure button last checked • authentication • /netinfo/root • if there is a second netinfo then hit add, choose netinfo again from the list then apply • restart machine

Net Info
•open parent arrow, needs to be active (blue ball at the top) • check date and time



moving songs from an ipod or this app: pod manager

iSpeakit software for taking any document or web page and convert it into an MP3/AAC track
Convert PowerPoint, PDF and Keynote presentations into slideshows that are synced with iPod photo

Software that allows you to transfer your PC settings from one to another. Desktop, documents, email and contacts.
Like a portable user on your ipod



Tinkertool An application that gives you access to additional preference settings Apple has built into Mac OS X



tips on making dvds: www.videohelp.com


UA program:

Main schedule page password required