Harvard University,  FAS
Spring 1999

Learning and Teaching Courses: T526

*Innovation in Education: Technologies and Change

Jan Hawkins

Half course; spring; Tuesday, 8:00 - 10:00 a.m.

The new information technologies have made important contributions to innovation in teaching and learning for almost two decades. Substantial and sustained change takes place when technology is used to advantage for broader educational goals and when a variety of factors shift in the cultures of educational settings. Research thus far suggests that these technologies contribute to the solutions of key education problems or dilemmas, and we are only now beginning to understand where the technologies are most useful for innovation. In this course we will examine the evidence concerning where technology best contributes to innovations in education, and where it does not. We will explore contributions of technology, for example, to: the development of complex thinking in various disciplines; the reorganization of education workplaces; enriching the social circumstances of learning; new challenges for learning because of advances in visual and communications media. We will also examine what it takes to infuse technologies well into schooling. The course will include examination of various technologies for education (emphasizing computational, visual, and telecommunications technologies), a wide range of research, and the experiences of practitioners nationally and internationally. We will draw on case studies of schools and other institutions, such as museums, that have made substantial progress with these innovations. The course will require students to use a variety of technologies as part of their assignments and reflective contributions. The course is limited to 25 students.

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