Harvard University,  FAS
Fall 1998

Government 2322

Working with Legislatures

David C. King (Kennedy School)
Mickey Edwards (Kennedy School) and ----------

Catalog Number: 0377
Half course (fall term). Hours to be arranged.

What do lobbyists, social activists, business executives, and political advocates have in common? Whether you are involved in non-profit, for-profit, or issue-related causes, you will have to cope with the legislative process. Your ability to understand legislatures and influence legislative decisions will give you a major advantage in achieving your goals. This course is an in-depth exploration of legislatures, how legislators make their decisions, and how citizens can best influence those decisions. The syllabus blends Political Science theories with case studies and a semester-long legislative simulation.

Note: Offered jointly with the Kennedy School as PAL-210. There is a Ph.D. section, offered through the Government Department. Only Ph.D. students may sign up for this course using the Government Department number. Ph.D. students will participate in all classroom exercises, complete a publishable research paper, and meet for one extra hour per week at the Government Department. Otherwise, course sessions will be held at the Kennedy School.

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