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French Oral Survival

Dr. Wayne Ishikawa, Instructor

Instructional materials developed by Prof. Judith Frommer and Brad Marshall, Department of Romance Languages, Harvard University

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Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, 6 - 8 pm. Prerequisite: FREN S-Cab, three years of secondary school French, or three semesters of college French. Limited enrollment.

Emphasizing speech strategies, useful vocabulary, idiomatic expressions, and listening comprehension, French S-27 aims to help you to develop individual fluency while you learn about contemporary France and Francophone countries. Internet and computer-based resources allow students to immerse themselves in French culture, and provide material for in-class discussions and activities. Course work will consist mainly of:

Un voyage imaginaire: experiences a traveler to a Francophone country would have, including both the utilitarian-reserving a hotel room, making a phone call or asking street directions-and the pleasurable-going to the movies or visiting a museum.

Drame à Cherbourg: a recorded mystery in 10 episodes. You will listen to this intriguing story and then verify your comprehension in class through discussions and improvisations.

Les Douze Travaux d'Astérix: a feature-length French film without subtitles. You will watch it in the Language Resource Center and discuss it in class.

Les entretiens: recordings of spontaneous conversations and interviews. These tapes will help to improve listening skills while providing information about life in France today.

Video and audio tapes of varying length and content that are related to the "voyage imaginaire" or to current events in France.

Discussions based on subjects of contemporary interest and articles from current French periodicals, radio, and television.

Special activities and games providing multiple occasions for varied use of language.

French S-27 meets three nights a week in Harvard Yard. There will be tests of oral comprehension and expression; there will also be short quizzes. Since this is a course in oral French, class participation and attendance are extremely important and will account for approximately one-fourth of the grade. A more detailed explanation of course content and requirements can be found in the syllabus and course description.

BOOKS REQUIRED: French S-27 Coursepack, available on-line!

SOFTWARE REQUIRED (click to go to download page): QuickTime and RealPlayer.

RECOMMENDED: New Bantam College French and English Dictionary or Collins Pocket French Dictionary. French Grammar and Usage (Roger Hawkins, Richard Towell: 1997)

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