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Half course. Fall & Spring: M. through F.,
Section I from 9 to 10am in SEVER HALL 110
{Additional sections may be offered in the Spring if enrollment permits.}
Conducted entirely in French.
Course Catalog Number: 3060

Click on the links below to get an idea of some of French 27 activities! You may also consult the course description and on-line cyber-syllabus.

Emphasizing speech strategies, useful vocabulary, idiomatic expressions, and listening comprehension, French 27 aims to help you to develop oral fluency while you learn about contemporary France and Francophone countries. Films, music, news media, and Internet resources offer virtual linguistic and cultural immersion, and provide material for in-class discussions and activities. After a semester of French 27, you should feel comfortable conversing in the language and should be able to handle with confidence common situations you may encounter in a French-speaking environment.

Course work will consist mainly of:

Un voyage imaginaire: experiences a traveler to a Francophone country would have, including both the utilitarian -- reserving a hotel room, making a phone call or asking street directions -- and the pleasurable -- going to the movies or visiting a museum.

Drame à Cherbourg: a recorded mystery in 10 episodes. You will listen to this intriguing story and then verify your comprehension in class through discussions and improvisations.

Les Douze Travaux d'Astérix and Le diner de cons: two feature length French films without subtitles. You will watch these in the Language Resource Center and discuss them (as well as memorize and act out scenes!) in class.

Video and audio recordings of varying length and content that are related to the "voyage imaginaire" or to current events in France.

Les vendredis au café: Friday informal discussions held outside of the classroom, based on current events from French periodicals, radio and television as well as other topics of interest.

Special activities and games providing multiple occasions for varied use of language, including our traditional "visite du musée Fogg" where class is held in the museum with students presenting and commenting upon an art work of their choice.

French 27 meets five times a week, once outside the classroom in a more informal "café" atmosphere. There will be two tests of oral comprehension and three oral exams to assess knowledge of vocabulary and proficiency in understanding and oral expression; there will also be some short quizzes. The course includes a grammar review based on computer-assisted instructional materials. Since this is a course in oral French, class participation and attendance are extremely important and will account for approximately one-fourth of the semester grade. There is NO FINAL EXAM for French 27 during exam period.

A more detailed explanation of course content and requirements can be found in the syllabus and course description.

BOOKS REQUIRED: French 27 Coursepack, available on-line- for free! (Cliquez sur "La polycopie".)

Harper Collins Robert French Unabridged Dictionary

(7th edition) (Harper Collins - Robert) 2005.
ISBN: 0060748931

Do not hesitate to email l'équipe de Français 27 if you would like advice concerning grammar books, supplementary language materials or the Tutoring Center!

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