April 27-28, 2007
The Film Study Center
Harvard University, Cambridge MA

Ethnographies Without Texts (EWT) is a 2-day workshop for graduate students working in non-fiction film and video, to be held April 27-28, 2007, at the Film Study Center at Harvard University. The workshop aims to benefit students currently preparing new work, by providing the opportunity to participate in two days of scholarly and artistic exchange and critique with a selected group of other student practitioners, faculty and filmmakers, from programs across the US and abroad.

The purpose of EWT is to foster production and critical discussion of film/video that explores the interface of art and ethnography. To that end, we encourage the submission of work that engages with anthropological methods or concepts while rigorously attending to the aesthetic and formal dimensions of cultural representation.

EWT is currently accepting submissions that are at a stage of editing in which critical feedback will be useful toward the completion of the project. Submissions should include cover sheet [pdf], a 1-page project description, including location and objectives of the fieldwork upon which the project is based, and 2 copies of the media project on MiniDV or DVD format, along with any cueing instructions. Please note that the selection committee will view no more than 30 minutes of work per applicant.

The deadline for submissions is February 7, 2007; participants will be notified in the first week of March.

Note: We encourage students to seek support from their own departments to cover the costs of participating in the workshop. However, EWT can make limited contributions to defray travel expenses for participants without other sources of funding.

The Media Anthropology Lab and the Film Study Center at Harvard University, with support from the Weatherhead Center for International Affairs
Ethnographies Without Texts
c/o Media Anthropology Lab
Department of Anthropology
Harvard University
11 Divinity Ave. PM 5th floor
Cambridge, MA 02138


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