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Harvard Annual Sustainability Pledge:

It is once again time for the annual Sustinability Pledge at Harvard, please take a moment to sign the pledge, and to pick 3 (new) simple actions you plan to take this year! www.greencampus.harvard.edu/pledge
Last year 7,000 people at Harvard signed the Sustainability Pledge, and our goal this year is to reach 10,000 people at Harvard!

Why should you pledge again this year?
Deadline: November 30th

** Please note that this year's Pledge is also part of the FAS Environmental Competition and that participating building will be evaluated among others based on their Pledge participation rates.
Help Hoffman win by signing the pledge today!

Community bikes:

EPS now has two community bikes that are available for members of the department to use for casual transportation throughout the campus! If you would like to sign up to use them please contact Jason Miller at 5-2351. Happy biking!

Welcome to the EPS Green Team Website!

The Earth & Planetary Sciences - Harvard Green Campus Initiative (EPS-HGCI) partnership exists to provide leadership and be proactive in energy conservation, sustainability and recycling throughout the Department of Earth and Planetary Sciences and to position the Department to assume a leadership role and serve as an example in these areas for the Harvard Community.

This website contains information on recycling, special issues related to laboratories, and how our department is impacting the Earth. If you have suggestions for information on this site, please send them to epsgreen@fas.harvard.edu!

Our Accomplishments, 2007

Hoffman won the FAS Energy Competition with a spectacular 20% decrease in its monthly energy consumption. Thanks to  our environmental consciousness, coupled with infrastructural upgrades, we prevented the emissions of 100 Metric Tons of CO2 and saved $50,000!


For the second year in a row, EPS won wind energy in the annual Harvard Sustainability Pledge Campaign. We easily reached the 50% participation goal in our buildings and won 443,510 kWh of wind.

We worked with our Building Manager on installing dual flush toilets in some of our restrooms. This will reduce their water usage by 67%!

All Hoffman restrooms have switched to environmentally friendly paper and to green cleaning products. Those changes mean less air and water pollution, reduced packaging and healthier environment for you and for our custodians.

Thanks to our efforts all EPS classrooms, hallways, kitchen and common areas feature recycling bins and make recycling a natural and easy thing to do.

Wind turbines on the roof of Hoffman? Why not! We have met with solar and wind contractors, and you would be surprised if you knew how much wind there is on our roof! Stay tuned for more information!

We partnered with Roxbury Technology to collect empty ink cartridges. A special collection area was set up on the 4th floor, in Jason Miller’s office.

Interior storm windows and cooling system upgrades are just some of the energy conservation opportunities that we have been investigating with the help of the FAS Energy Team. Let us know if there is any project in particular that you would like us to look into.  

In the Spring 07, we hosted successful monthly seminars on the topics related to resource conservation and Harvard’s efforts to green our campus. We hope to see you again in the Fall!

With the help of the FAS Energy Team, we replaced most of our inefficient lighting fixtures with energy efficient T-8s and compact fluorescents.

What is EPS doing?

What can YOU do?