Harvard University,  FAS
Spring 1998

Earth and Planetary Sciences 151 (formerly EPS 51 and 102)

Introduction to Igneous and Metamorphic Petrology

Roberta L. Rudnick

Catalog Number: 3421
Half course (spring term).
M., W., F., at 1, and three hours of laboratory each week, W., at 2.

Focuses on principal environments and processes of formation of common igneous, and metamorphic rocks. Topics include construction and interpretation of phase diagrams; models for melt generation and crystallization; recrystallization processes; thermal models of metamorphism; pressure, temperature, composition, and time as variables. Emphasizes relationship between rock-forming processes and plate tectonic setting. Laboratory examinations of selected rock suites in thin section and hand sample, and analyses of minerals by electron microscope.

Note: Expected to be omitted in 1999–00. Given in alternate years. Recommended for graduate students in petrology and geochemistry.

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