Harvard University Summer School

English and American Literature S-176

Modern African-American and American Ethnic Literature

4 units
11 am-12 noon

Werner Sollors

Close readings of selected works (autobiography, fiction, drama, and poetry) from the beginning of the twentieth century to the present. Texts to be discussed include Abraham Cahan, Yekl; Hamilton Holt, The Life Stories of Undistinguished Americans As Told by Themselves; Gertrude Stein, Three Lives; Mary Antin, The Promised Land; James Weldon Johnson, The Autobiography of an Ex-Colored Man; Jean Toomer, Cane; Eugene O'Neill, The Emperor Jones and All God's Chillun Got Wings; Langston Hughes, Mulatto; Henry Roth, Call It Sleep; Jerre Mangione, Mount Allegro; Amiri Baraka, Dutchman and selected poetry and prose; Richard Rodriguez, Hunger of Memory; Lawson Fusao Inada, Legends from Camp; Tino Villanueva, Scene from the Movie Giant; Adrienne Kennedy, In One Act; and Maxine Hong Kingston, Tripmaster Monkey.

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