English E-115b
Chaucer: The Canterbury Tales

Fall Term, 2008-2009

NOTE: This syllabus is not intended for use with any course now given. A reading in Middle English of selected tales. No previous knowledge of Middle English is assumed.


The course is provided with electronic resources on its web page, and it will make considerable use of them. Students must therefore have regular access to a computer with sound and a connection to the Internet. Only a very elementary knowledge of computers is required: an ability to use e-mail is enough to start with.

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Discussion Forum
Chronology of Chaucer's Life and Times. The Geoffrey Chaucer Page. The Chaucer Metapage (Links to Other Pages). Teach Yourself to Read Chaucer's Middle English.

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An interlinear translation of Book I of Troilus. The other books are in progress.