Harvard University Summer School

Economics S-1476

International Corporate Governance

4 units
3:30-6 pm

Charles A Moran

This course will examine international corporate governance topics that collectively are termed Agency Theory in modern finance, as applied to the corporation, with focus on the separation of ownership and control and related issues. The formal and informal contracts that bind together shareholders, bondholders, directors, managers, employees, suppliers, customers, and communities will be explored. The collaborative efforts as well as the potential conflicts of interests of these various constituencies will be analyzed in the context of a changing legislative and regulatory environment. This will enable us to evaluate the effectiveness of how corporate objectives are determined and achieved in the US, Great Britain, Germany, and Japan. Selected cases and readings will illustrate research findings and highlight key issues in international corporate governance.

Instructor's Toolkit
URL: http://www.courses.fas.harvard.edu/~ecs1476/

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