Harvard University Summer School

Computer Science S-A

Microcomputers and Information Technology

Limited Enrollment Course
4 units
5-7:30 pm

Stephan Kolitz

This course provides a solid foundation in end-user productivity software for word processing, spreadsheet analysis and modeling, database management, charting, presentations, and appropriate applications for interacting with the World Wide Web and the Internet. Students learn the conceptual basis of each of these tools, how they are used for today's organizational management, the limitations of current technology, and possible future developments. The emphasis is on using software to organize, analyze, and communicate information. Students should expect to spend 12 or more hours each week working on assignments in the microcomputer lab. The course demands a high level of commitment to keeping up with class assignments and to learning the use of the software tools.

Instructor's Toolkit
URL: http://www.courses.fas.harvard.edu/~cscisa/

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