CS 265: Research Topics in Database Systems

Tuesday/Thursday 1:00-2:30

Maxwell Dworkin 223

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Margo SeltzerPeter Macko
Maxwell Dworkin 241Maxwell Dworkin 238
Office hours: Monday 3:15-5:00By appointment



Computer Science 161, Computer Science 165, Computer Science 261 or equivalent.

Learning Objectives

This course is an introduction to database research. After completing this course, you should be able to:

Coursework includes the following components:

The readings fall into three main categories. We will begin with a tour through database history beginning with the context that preceded the dawning of the relational age. We will explore some of the core areas of modern database systems such as concurrency control and recovery and then explore alternate data models. Next, we will focus on some modern challenges confronting the database research communite today: provenance, graphical data, and large scale data and distribution. Throughtout, our goal is to focus both on content and research methodology.

The course culminates with a research project, where students practice the art of database research. There will be several deliverables on the way to a final project, including (but not limited to) a research statement, a research plan, an extended abstract, a final paper, and an oral presentation. At each stage of the process, I will provide detailed feedback and suggestions.

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