Harvard University Summer School

Comparative Literature S-185

Cartographic Fictions

4 units
1-3:30 pm

Bruno G. Bosteels

An exploration of the spaces and contours of "maps" in art and literature as sites for the imaginary formation and destruction of social and individual identities. From a random walk through the city to the global market of late capitalism, how do cultural artifacts make sense out of the real conditions of existence? Novels, short stories, essays, maps, and artworks by Debord, Perec, Lefebvre, Deleuze, de Certeau, Serres, Benjamin, Jameson, Calvino, Cortázar, Piglia, Peri Rossi, Benet, Gopegui, Mesquita, Kuitca, and others.

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URL: http://www.courses.fas.harvard.edu/~comps185/

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