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George E. Clark




Background and Interests

Librarian: As a research librarian at Harvard since 2001, I provide help to scholars from throughout the university and beyond. I handle both general reference questions and more specialized questions in environment and sustainability studies, including their overlap with government documents, data, and maps. I have also served as the interim manager of Government Information Services and the U.S. Federal Depository Library Coordinator at Harvard.

Writer: I write on environment, sustainability, music, and other topics. My print work has appeared in publications such as Environment, where I was a contributing editor for three years, and in The Resource, the internal human resources newspaper for Harvard University. I blog from time to time at GeoClark. I tweet and retweet as @GeorgeClark on environment, sustainability, libraries, and other topics. I use the moniker @DobroSwamp for thoughts on music, the resonator guitar, and the like. Music blogger Jon Goldmann kindly named me to his 2011 list of The Roots Music Twitterati 140.

Lyricist: You can find my song texts in the music section of GeoClark. One example is "Suburban Hymn."

Background and Interests

Previously, I worked for the United States Environmental Protection Agency in Chicago; as a watershed management consultant to the Massachusetts Metropolitan Distriction Commission (now the state Department of Conservation and Recreation); as a visiting instructor at Mt. Holyoke College; and as a library assistant at MIT's Lindgren Library of earth, atmospheric, and planetary sciences. Lindgren Library closed in 2009.

In graduate school, I focused on the social aspects of environmental risks and hazards, water resources, and global change. I grew up in northern Virginia, and my family hails from Virginia's Shenandoah Valley. I live west of Boston about halfway to Worcester. I am a ham radio operator, callsign W1XW.


B.A., Earlham College

M.A., University of Chicago

M.S., Simmons College
Library and Information Science
Ph.D., Clark University


Most Recent Publications

Clark, G. E. 2012. "A Tentative Psalm." In S. E. Richmond and M. Green, eds., Lines in the Landscape: Plein Air Poetry at Fruitlands, Harvard, MA: Fruitlands Museum/Concord Poetry Center/FootHills Publishing.

Clark, G. E. 2012. Review of P. P. Karan and S. P. Subbiah, eds., 2011, The Indian Ocean Tsunami: The Global Response to a Natural Disaster, Lexington, KY: The University Press of Kentucky. Journal of Geography 111(3), pp. 123-124. (Harvard link.)

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Additional Publications

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