Baojia Tong

or Tony Tong, Graduate Student, from the Physics Department, Harvard University

I am a third year physics graduate student from Beijing, People's Republic of China.
My interest is in High Energy Particle Experiments, specifically,
what particles or matter the LHC (Large Hadron Collider) can find in the next five years and how we can actually find them.
Then work with thousands of physicists to hunt them down!
Currently I am a member of the Harvard ATLAS group, my adviser is Melissa Franklin.
I was a TF for Physics 16: Mechanics and Speical Relativity and Physics 125: Widely Applied Physics at Harvard.

I spent my first 18 years in Mainland China.
After graduating from Beijing High School No.4,
I came to California Institute of Technology to pursue my B.S in physics.
My adviser was David Politzer, and I researched on W/Z + Jets with Maria Spiropulu in the Caltech CMS group.

In addition to physics, I am interested in classical music and classical Chinese literature.
I also really enjoy basketball, soccer. I was a varsity swimmer for the Caltech Beavers.

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To contact me, please email: btong AT