Harvard University,  FAS
Spring 1998

BPH 217

Genetic Toxicology

Leona D. Samson (Public Health) and guest lecturers

Catalog Number: 0820
Half course (spring term). Tu., Th., 1:30–3:20.

Explores the biological consequences of the interaction of toxic agents with the genome. Topics include DNA structure and chemical reactivity with environmental mutagens; DNA repair; DNA damage inducible processes; mutagenesis and mutational spectra; DNA repair deficient human diseases; cell death by apoptosis; recombination and genetic instability; genetic toxicity testing and its value in predicting carcinogenecity.

Note: Expected to be omitted in 1999–00. Given in alternate years. Offered jointly with the School of Public Health as TOX 225cd, and with the Medical School as BPH 714.0.

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URL: http://www.courses.fas.harvard.edu/~bph217

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